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Xintory Fees
We thought we would get this out of the way first!! There is NO cost to list your products for sale on Xintory.com. We charge 6% of the transaction as our fee only if and when you complete a transaction. So there is no risk whatsoever to trying us out! (If our buyer pays by credit card, we also charge you the 2.9% credit processing fee. You may want to consider this fee when setting your price.)
Sign In
Sign in or sign up as a New Customer. See the icon on the top of our home page. (That was easy!)
Account Settings
Complete all information on your Account Settings page:
  • Your federal tax ID number is required to document that you are a business and not a consumer (Xintory only sells to floor covering businesses and not open to the public).
Pricing Options
Set your pricing options. These are very powerful pricing tools but admittedly a little complicated the first time!
  • Partial Quantity Price - Check the box and set the percentage upcharge over your listed price if the buyer purchases less than the full quantity, e.g. if you are selling 2,000 sf for $1.99 and want a 20% upcharge if a buyer buys less than the full quantity, set the partial price at 120% and we will sell anything less than the full quantity at $2.39/sf. If you don’t check the box your listed price will apply to any quantity purchased.
  • Automatic Price Reduction - Check this if you want us to mark your price down over time if it does not sell. We always mark the price down in 4 equal intervals to the lowest percentage of your initial price you indicate, e.g. if your initial price is $2.99/sf and your percentage is 60% and the interval is 3 weeks, we will list your product for the first 3 weeks at $2.99, the next 3 weeks at 90% of this - $2.69; the next 3 weeks at 80% - $2.39; the next 3 weeks at 70% - $2.09; and if it still has not sold, we will lower the price to 60% - $1.79 until it sells or as long as it remains listed on our site. (Pretty nifty – huh?)
  • Counter Offer - We encourage you to Allow Counter Offers. If you Allow, a buyer can make an offer at a lower price. You will receive an email notifying you of the offer with a link to click that will take you directly to your Xintory mailbox. You will have the option to Accept the Offer (the buyer will then get an email that they can add the item to their cart and complete the purchase at the new price), Reject the Offer or make a counter offer of your own (the buyer can then complete the purchase at this negotiated price). The negotiation stops here, i.e. the buyer can make only one counter offer and the seller can counter back only once.
  • Samples - We encourage you to allow sample requests. If you allow, a buyer can request a free sample. You send the sample to Xintory and we reship to the buyer the same day.
  • Freight:
    • Buyer Pays - In most cases, sellers will elect for buyers to pay the shipping cost, especially since when you list product with Xintory, you don’t know where the buyer will be. If you select Buyer Pays, the buyer will see your zip code on the bottom of our page when they select your item, so they can call a freight company and get a quote.
    • Seller Pays - To motivate a buyer, a seller can elect to pay the freight. (Maybe you can add an average freight cost anywhere in the country to your price.) You can also specify states where you will pay the freight (and specify a drop charge) and we will let the buyer know if they are in these states the freight is free.
  • Restrict Purchases - This feature is primarily for distributors who need to restrict the sale of their product to their territory. Just specify the states where you can sell your product and your listing will be hidden to all other buyers. If you need to split a state, please email or call and we can do this on a custom basis.
  • Sales Tax - Please indicate the states where you are registered to pay sales (you may want to check with your accounting department) and we will collect the appropriate state tax and forward to you to remit to the appropriate state authority.
  • Save your Settings - Your pricing settings will apply to all products listed on our site.
How do I know when I’ve sold something?
We were waiting for you to ask this question! The buyer’s payment is made directly to Xintory. When we receive payment (instantly if by credit card or when we receive the buyers check and it clears) we email you a complete bill of sale and the buyer’s contact information. The buyer simultaneously receives an email with your contact information so they can contact you to arrange for shipment.
How do I get paid?
Buyers pay Xintory in advance. When we hear from the buyer that they received your merchandise in good condition, we send a check (or ACH payment) within one business day. We will follow up with the buyer to confirm receipt if we don’t hear back within 5 days from receipt of order.
Suppose there is a dispute?
We hate to talk about this but we are all grown ups and it happens sometimes. Xintory holds the buyer’s payment in an escrow account until they tell us they are satisfied with your merchandise, at which time we forward their payment to you. If there is a dispute, you and the buyer need to resolve it directly and complete our Dispute Resolution Form which both you and the buyer must sign and tells Xintory what to do with the buyer’s payment.
Still have questions?
Check out our FAQ’s, Email us at info@xintory.com or call our Customer Service Department toll free at 855-Xintory (855-946-8679).

Thank you for using Xintory.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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