Thank you for your purchase through It is our intention to make every buying experience within our marketplace a positive experience. We aim to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible.

Xintory receives all buyer’s payment into our federally insured escrow account to protect both the buyer – to make certain the goods are received as listed by the seller in acceptable condition, and the seller – to make certain that payment is received on a timely basis.

In the event a buyer is not satisfied with a purchase for any reason, Buyer must notify Xintory in writing within five (5) business days of receipt. In order for Xintory to review and process your dispute, you must adhere to the steps listed below. Failure to adhere to these steps will result in the dispute automatically being ruled in all respects in favor of seller.

  1. This completed Dispute Resolution Form must be emailed to within eight (8) days of receipt by the buyer or faxed to 410-653-6088.
  2. Upon filing a dispute, the buyer agrees not to sell and/or alter in any way any of the merchandise received. If the merchandise is altered or sold before the dispute process is complete, the dispute will be considered null and void and full payment made to seller.
  3. The Buyer should submit this form along with documentation (such as photos or samples of the product) to support its claim to or mail to, P.O. Box 544, Brooklandville, Maryland 21022.
  4. Xintory will forward your claim to the Seller for resolution.
  5. Possible resolutions include:
    1. Return – Buyer returns all or part of the merchandise to seller. Xintory will hold the Buyer’s payment in escrow until we receive notice that the Seller has received the merchandise in the same condition as originally shipped.
    2. Price reduction – Buyer elects to keep the merchandise, but at a reduced price. The seller must agree to this price reduction or accept return of the merchandise.
    3. Replacement of the merchandise by the Seller.
    4. Freight – It is up to the Buyer and Seller to negotiate who pays freight in the event of any dispute.