1. Introduction
    1. Who sells on Xintory.com?
      1. Xintory.com is the Floor Covering Industry’s only universal marketplace to sell and buy unwanted material – overstocks, drops, specials, seconds, displays or anything you don’t want around! To sell or buy on Xintory.com, your company must be a:
        1. Floorcovering Manufacturer
        2. Floorcovering Distributor
        3. Residential or Commercial Dealer
        4. Floorcovering Installer
    2. What types of merchandise can I sell?
      1. All floor covering products, including but not limited to:
        1. Carpet – broadloom and carpet tile
        2. Rugs
        3. Cushion
        4. Wood flooring and accessories/moldings
        5. Ceramic – Floor and wall tile including all trim and accessories
        6. Stone tile/Glass tile
        7. Vinyl – Sheet vinyl, VCT, Luxury Vinyl tile
        8. Laminates
        9. Cove base/stair treads
        10. Tools
        11. Display fixtures
        12. Other miscellaneous
    3. Is there a minimum or maximum quantity?
      1. No, you can list any quantity of material, but the site is not really intended for remnants, i.e. small carpet balances, broken cartons, etc. No quantity is too big! Xintory provides an option for you to sell the entire quantity to one buyer or a partial quantity (if you like, you can specify the minimum order quantity and a higher price for a partial quantity).
    4. Is there any cost to list products for sale that do not sell?
      1. No there is absolutely no cost if you do not sell your product
  2. Registration
    1. How do I become a Seller?
      1. Click here or the Sign In button at the top of our home page and complete the brief registration form. We also ask that you complete the Accounts Settings page. We will need standard information including your Federal Tax ID to confirm that you are a business and not a consumer.
    2. How do I change my email address?
      1. Email tech support to change your email address
    3. What if I forget my password?
      1. Click here and enter your email address to reset your password
  3. Listing Products for Sale
    1. How do I list my products on the site?
      1. You must be registered to list product on the site.
      2. There are TWO easy ways to list your products, depending on how many items you want to list. First, click your account name at the top of our home page, click inventory, and then Add Inventory.
        1. Manual upload – This is the easiest way if you only have a few items to sell.
          1. Begin by clicking Manually Input Inventory
          2. Select the product category
          3. Type information about your product in each of the boxes. It’s important to give as much information as possible so the buyer knows what you are selling. Xintory automatically provides links to your product on most manufacturer’s web sites, so buyers can see what you are selling and obtain additional specifications, but this depends on you providing full and accurate information. Spelling counts for our linkage to work, so please be careful!
          4. If you want to accept orders for less than the full quantity, indicate the minimum order quantity in the Partial Quantity Box (leave this box blank if you will only accept orders for the full quantity).
          5. Click Save & Finish and your product will be saved in your Pending Inventory folder to give you one last opportunity to see how your listing looks. If you are satisfied, click Update All and your material will be listed instantly!
        2. Let us do the work – Email us your list in any digital format and we will upload your products to the site for you! For large users that may have frequent/daily additions and deletions, contact our IT department at tech@Xintory.com and we will work with you to make the process seamless (options include sending us all changes on a daily basis or we could wipe out your entire listing every night and reload your revised list). We will load your products to our Pending Inventory folder to give you an opportunity to see your listing before it goes live. For the best results, Xintory linkage to the manufacturer's web site works best if you include the manufacturer's SKU number.
    2. What if I need to edit the product information or remove a product that I have listed?
      1. Click on your account name at the top of our home page to go to your account and click inventory.
      2. Select the product category you selected for your product.
      3. Select the line you want to edit.
      4. Click Edit or Remove.
    3. What are the different pricing options?
      1. Full Quantity Purchase – This is your base price. If it is the only price you specify, Xintory will only accept a purchase for the full quantity and the price listed. Our advice to you – list your products at a realistic price that will sell quickly!
      2. Partial Quantity Purchase – To accept a partial quantity purchase, you will need to:
        1. Set the minimum quantity order you will accept. You can set this at the end of your manual entry or in your digital upload. If you leave this blank, buyers can only purchase the entire quantity listed.
        2. Set the partial price multiplier. To do this, go your Account Settings. Set the Partial Price multiplier and Xintory will automatically calculate the partial quantity price for you.
        3. For example, if you want to sell 4,500 sf of VCT at $.79/sf, but will accept orders for as little as 2,000 sf at a 25% premium for the smaller quantity, fill in 2,000 in the Partial Quantity box when entering manually and on your Accounts Settings page enter 125%. Xintory will sell one order of 4,500 sf at $.79 and orders between 2,000 sf and 4,499 sf at $.99 sf.
      3. Automatic Markdown Price - This option can be set on your Account Settings page.
        1. If you leave this option blank, we will keep the Full Quantity price and Partial Quantity price that you provide as long as the product is listed on the site (you always have the option to edit the price at any time).
        2. If you select to use this option, Xintory will automatically reduce your price gradually to a “floor” price that you specify. All you have to do is calculate your “floor” price and the number of weeks between each price reduction (Go to Account Settings, Seller Settings). This Automatic Price Reduction will be applied to both the Full Quantity and Partial Quantity prices.
          1. For example if you are selling 3 ¼” solid oak flooring and your base is $3.60/sf, and your multiplier is 60% and you specify two weeks as your interval, then if your product is not sold at the end of the first two weeks, we will automatically lower your price to 90% of $3.60 or $3.24/sf. If at the end of four weeks your product has not sold, the price will automatically be reduced to 80% of $3.60 or $2.88/sf. If at the end of eight weeks your product has not sold, we will automatically reduce your price to 70% of $3.60 or $2.52/sf. If at the end of four weeks your product has still not sold, we will lower the price to 60% of $3.60 or $2.16/sf. This is your “floor” price and we will keep this price for as long as the product remains listed (you always have the option of editing the price or opting out of the automatic markdown program at any time).
      4. Counter Offer - This option can be set on your Account Settings page.
        1. If you do not select this option, whatever prices you specify above are the buyer’s only option.
        2. If you select this option, the buyer will see a “Make An Offer” button next to your product and will have the option to make you a counter offer (both price and quantity). The buyer’s counter offer will be sent to your mailbox in your account page.
          1. You will have the option of accepting this or making a counter offer of your own. This will be the final offer, i.e. the buyer does not have the option of making another counter offer, so our advice is to come as close to the buyer’s offer as possible.
  4. Order Processing
    1. How do I know when someone purchases my product?
      1. If a buyer purchases your product with a credit card transaction on our site, the product will immediately be removed from your listing, or the quantity deducted if a partial quantity sale, and you will automatically receive an email notifying you of a sale. This email will include a description of the product and the buyer’s name and address. Your buyer will receive an email at the same time, with your address so they can arrange for their freight carrier to pick up their purchase.
      2. If a buyer purchases your product with a check or wire transfer, you will receive an immediate email, but told not to ship your product until the buyer’s payment clears. As soon as the payment clears we will send you an email notifying you to ship the product and the buyer’s name and address. Your buyer will receive an email at the same time, with your address so they can arrange for their freight carrier to pick up their purchase.
  5. Shipping - Who is responsible for shipping costs?
    1. You can indicate on your Account Settings whether you or the buyer pays freight. Your settings will show on the side bar of your product listing and in the buyer’s cart. If you elect for the buyer to pay the shipping cost, your zip code will be listed on the side bar and buyer’s cart so the buyer can obtain a freight quote from a carrier of their choice. Once the transaction is complete, the buyer will receive an email notifying them of your location so they can arrange for their carrier to pick up the merchandise. You will also receive an email notifying you of the buyer’s name and contact information. Xintory gives you the option to pay the freight in the states where you have distribution and to specify a drop fee. See the Accounts Settings page to elect this option.
  6. Sales Tax
    1. How do I charge sales tax?
      1. In Account Settings, sellers can indicate the states where they are registered to pay sale tax. Xintory will collect the appropriate state tax from the buyer and forward to the seller to remit to the appropriate state authority.
    2. What if the buyer has a resale certificate?
      1. Buyers have the option to upload a resale certificate in their account settings and to indicate in their check out process if they should not pay sales tax. This resale certificate will be forwarded to you in the email confirmation of the purchase.
    3. What if the buyer’s job is tax exempt?
      1. If a buyer has a tax exempt job, they have the option to email the tax exempt certificate to Xintory. We will forward this to the seller and not charge the buyer sales tax.
  7. Xintory Fees
    1. Is there any cost if I do not sell my products?
      1. No, there is absolutely no cost for listing products on the site if your product does not sell.
    2. What does Xintory charge for its service?
      1. Seller’s Fees - Xintory charges the Seller 6% of the transaction amount, plus credit card fees if the Buyer pays by credit card. For example, if you sell product for $1,000.00, you will receive $1,000.00 less 6% or $940.00. If the buyer uses a credit card for this transaction and the credit card company charges us 2.5%, then Xintory will deduct $1,000 x 2.5% or $25.00. Your net proceeds for this transaction will be $915.00.
      2. Buyer’s Fees – Xintory will also charge the Buyer a 6% fee. So to continue the above example, if a Seller is asking $1,000.00 for its product, the Buyer will pay $1,000.00 plus 6% or $1,060.00.
  8. Payment
    1. How and when do I get paid?
      1. Xintory’s Buyer/Seller Protection Plan protects both parties in the transaction. Xintory holds the buyer’s payment in our federally insured escrow account. The buyer has five days from receipt of your product to notify us that they have received the product in good order. You will be paid by check within two business days from our receipt of the buyer’s notification. If we do not hear from the buyer within five business days, our Terms & Conditions state that by default, the Buyer has accepted the product as is and we will pay you by check within two business days.
    2. What happens if there is a dispute with the buyer, for instance if they say they never received the product, it is not the right material, it’s damaged, etc.?
      1. Don’t forget that our Buyer/Seller Protection Plan protects you. We already have the Buyer’s payment, so there is no incentive for the buyer to create false claims. If the buyer notifies us of a dispute, we will continue to hold the buyer’s funds until you and the buyer resolve the issue directly and both sign our Dispute Resolution Form so we know that all parties have reached a mutual agreement.