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Xintory Fees
We thought we would get this out of the way first!! There is NO cost to search our site. We charge 6% of the transaction as our fee only if and when you complete a transaction. So relax and search to your heart’s content!
Sign In
Sign in or sign up as a New Customer. See the icon on the top of our home page. (That was easy!)
Account Settings
Complete all information on your Account Settings page:
  • Your federal tax ID number is required to document that you are a business and not a consumer (Xintory only sells to floor covering businesses and not to the public).
  • Upload your resale certificate if you are buying product for resale and we will not charge sales tax on your order.
Start your search
Click on the Xintory logo at the top of the page to go to our home page and select a product category. Some tips for searching most effectively:
  • Sort by clicking the arrows at the top of any column
  • Use the product filters to narrow down your search
  • Use the distance filter to see only product sold within a specified distance
  • Double click the photo on the side bar to see an enlarged image
  • Use the key word box at the top of the listing to search for what you are seeking
  • Click the Website button on the side bar to instantly go to the manufacturer’s web site to get more information about the product (not always available)
  • Click the Photo Grid button to see a thumbnail view of all photos
Negotiate your price
Think the price is too high? No problem. Click the Make an Offer button and send the seller your offer. The seller gets an email notifying them that they received your offer. The seller can accept your offer, reject it or make a counter offer of their own. You will receive an email with a link to click that will instantly take you to your Xintory mailbox. If they accepted your offer or made a counter offer that is acceptable to you, you can add the item to your cart and complete the transaction. If for any reason you changed your mind, no problem. You can exit out of your mailbox with no obligation whatsoever! However, the price negotiation ends here.
Who pays the shipping cost?
When you click the Freight Quote button, you will be advised if the seller or buyer pays freight for your purchase.
If you pay, Xintory gives you two options:
  • You can arrange for your own freight carrier to pick up your merchandise. We provide the weight and other information your carrier will need to quote the shipping cost.
  • You can select for Xintory to provide freight service. We will email you the freight quote, add the cost to your cart and arrange turnkey door to door delivery service!
Payment is made directly to Xintory for the full amount of your purchase when you check out. Xintory holds your fee in an escrow account until you tell us that you have received and are happy with your shipment. If for any reason you are unhappy, simply let us know, return the merchandise to the seller and we will return your payment in full! (Who pays the return freight? If you did not receive what you ordered or the material is damaged or defective, the seller will pay the return freight. If you received exactly what you ordered but changed your mind, then we think it’s only fair that you pay the return freight.)
  • Credit Card
    We accept credit card payments up to $5,000. Simply enter your credit card information where indicated and click the pay button. Within seconds you will receive a confirmation email with the name and all the contact information for the seller. The seller will simultaneously receive an email with your contact information. You can then contact the seller directly to arrange for your shipment.
  • Check or Wire Transfer
    You can send us a check or wire payment for your order. As soon as we receive your payment, we notify the seller to ship your product and share your contact information. You will simultaneously receive an email with the seller’s contact information so you can call to arrange your shipment.
Suppose there is a dispute?
We hate to talk about this but we are all grown ups and it happens sometimes. Xintory holds your payment in an escrow account until you tell us you are satisfied with your merchandise, at which time we forward your payment to the seller. If there is a dispute, you and the seller need to resolve it directly and complete our Dispute Resolution Form which both the buyer and seller must sign and tells Xintory what to do with your payment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!
Still have questions?
Check out our FAQ’s, Email us at info@xintory.com or call our Customer Service Department toll free at 855-Xintory (855-946-8679).

Thank you for using Xintory.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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