1. Introduction
    1. What is Xintory.com?
      1. Xintory.com is the Floor Covering Industry’s only universal marketplace to buy and sell overstocks, drops, discontinued material, accessories and displays at below manufacturer’s prices. We are open only to the floor covering trade. To buy or sell on Xintory.com, a company must be a:
        1. Manufacturer
        2. Distributor
        3. Residential or Commercial Dealer
        4. Installer
    2. What products are sold on Xintory.com?
      1. All floor covering products, including but not limited to:
        1. Carpet – broadloom and carpet tile
        2. Rugs
        3. Cushion
        4. Wood flooring and accessories/moldings
        5. Ceramic – Floor and wall tile including all trim and accessories
        6. Stone tile/Glass tile
        7. Vinyl – Sheet vinyl, VCT, Luxury Vinyl tile
        8. Laminates
        9. Cove base/stair treads
        10. Tools
        11. Display fixtures
        12. Other miscellaneous
    3. Is there any cost if I do not make a purchase?
      1. No, there is absolutely no cost for searching for a product on Xintory.com if you do not make a purchase.
  2. Registration
    1. How do I register?
      1. Registering as a buyer on Xintory.com is free and easy. Simply click here to complete the new member registration application. We also ask that you complete your Account Settings on your account page. Once you sign up we will need your Federal Tax ID to confirm that you are a business and not a consumer and to enable your account.
    2. How do I change my email address?
      1. Email tech support to change your email address
    3. What if I forget my password?
      1. Click here and enter your email address to reset your password
  3. The Buying Process
    1. How do I find merchandise?
      1. Browse our site by product category which you will find on our home page. You can sort the information in any column by clicking the arrows at the top or by entering any keyword in the search box to go directly to an item you are seeking.
      2. Helpful hints – if you are looking for a particular product, you can sort by manufacturer or style name; if you have some flexibility with the specific product, you may want to search by quantity to see all the products available for your size job; or you may want to sort by price to see all products in your price range!
    2. Can I sort by distance from seller?
      1. Yes, click on "Show Filters" at the top of the page and slide the base to see only merchandise within a certain radius in miles from your location. This allows you to identify product being offered in your local area.
    3. Do I have to buy the entire quantity listed?
      1. Some sellers will only accept an order for the entire quantity of a line item; some will accept orders for less than the full quantity. The minimum quantity order that a seller will accept is next to the QUANTITY box in the upper right corner of your screen.
    4. What is my price?
      1. Fixed Price - Sellers have the option of offering you a lower price if you buy the entire quantity available on a line item and a higher price if you buy a smaller (partial) quantity. You will see the full and partial quantity pricing in the seller’s listing.
      2. Counter Offer - Sellers also have the option of accepting a counter offer from you. If the seller elects this option, you will see a MAKE COUNTER OFFER button next to the line item. If you do not see a MAKE COUNTER OFFER button, then your seller has elected to sell only at the fixed price listed.
      3. If you want to make a counter offer, click the button and indicate your price and quantity. The seller will automatically get an email with your offer and will also receive a message in their Xintory mailbox. The seller can accept your offer or make their own counter offer. You will receive an email with their answer and you will also receive a message in your Xintory mailbox. The Seller’s acceptance of your price or their counter offer is the last round of negotiation, i.e. if they make a counter offer you can accept or decline the offer, but cannot make another counter offer.
  4. Shipping
    1. Who pays the shipping cost?
      1. The seller has the option of paying the shipping cost or selling FOB their dock (i.e. the buyer pays freight). This will be indicated when you click the Freight Quote button.
    2. If I am responsible for shipping charges, how do I know what my cost will be?
      1. Xintory gives you two options:
        1. You can arrange for your own freight carrier to pick up your merchandise. We provide the weight and other information your carrier will need to quote the shipping cost.
        2. You can select for Xintory to provide freight service. We will email you the freight quote, add the cost to your cart and arrange turnkey door to door delivery service!
  5. Sales Tax
    1. Do I pay sales tax on my purchase?
      1. Sellers can indicate the states where they are registered to pay sales tax. Xintory will collect sales tax from buyers in the states indicated by the seller and forward this tax to the seller to be remitted to the appropriate state authority.
    2. What if I am reselling the merchandise as is and can provide a resale certificate?
      1. Buyers have the option in Account Settings to upload a resale certificate and in the check out process indicate if the respective purchase should be charged sales tax. If not, the buyer’s resale certificate will be forwarded to the seller.
    3. What if I am purchasing this product for a tax exempt job?
      1. Please email your tax exempt certificate to Xintory prior to your purchase at www.info@xintory.com and we will forward your certificate to the seller and not charge sales tax.
  6. Xintory Fees
    1. Is there any cost if I do not purchase a product?
      1. No, there is absolutely no cost for searching for products on this site if you do not make a purchase.
    2. What does Xintory charge for its service?
      1. Buyer’s Fees – Xintory charges Buyers a 6% fee. For example, if a Seller is asking $1,000.00 for its product, you will pay Xintory $1,000.00 plus 6% or $1,060.00.
      2. Seller’s Fees - Xintory will also charge the Seller 6% of the transaction amount. So to continue the above example, if a seller lists its product for $1,000.00, the seller will receive $1,000.00 less 6% or $940.00. (The seller will also be charged a credit card fee if you elect to pay by credit card.)
  7. Payment
    1. Who do I pay?
      1. You pay Xintory directly. Xintory will hold your payment in our Federally insured escrow account until we hear back from you that your shipment has been received in good order. Buyers have five business days from receipt of merchandise to notify us of your acceptance.
    2. What are my payment options?
      1. You have three payment options as follows:
        1. Credit Card
          1. Xintory accepts all major credit cards for transactions below $5,000. Simply enter your credit card information to complete the sale. You will immediately receive an email confirming your purchase and the address where to pick up your merchandise.
        2. Check
          1. You can postal mail your check made out to “Xintory.com” to Xintory.com, P.O. Box 544, Brooklandville, MD 21022. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and the address where to pick up your merchandise as soon as we receive notification that your check clears (usually one business day after our receipt).
        3. Wire transfer
          1. You can wire your payment to Xintory. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and the address where to pick up your merchandise as soon as we receive notification of your wire (usually the same or following business day).
          2. Our wire information is as follows: Bank of America – 026 009 593, Account 4460 3731 9386
  8. Merchandise Pick Up
    1. How do I pick up my merchandise if it is sold FOB seller?
      1. You will receive an email confirming your order (as soon as your payment is processed – see Step 6 above) which will include the location of your merchandise. The seller of your merchandise will simultaneously receive an email with your contact information. You will need to arrange with common carrier or other means to pick up your merchandise at the seller’s location.
    2. How do I receive my merchandise if the seller pays freight?
      1. Both you and the seller will receive an email confirming your order (as soon as payment is processed – see step 5 above) which will include both parties location and contact information. The seller will ship product to your location.
  9. Disputes
    1. What happens if there is a dispute with the seller, for instance if the material is not what I ordered or arrives damaged?
      1. Don’t forget that our Buyer/Seller Protection Plan protects you. If you are not satisfied with your merchandise, you must notify us within five business days of your receipt. We will continue to hold your payment until you and the buyer resolve the issue directly and both sign our Dispute Resolution Form so we know that all parties have reached a mutual agreement.